MV Talisman 

MV Talisman 

MV Talisman is a Mark IV RoRo ship. MV Talisman is a sister ship to MV Tamerlane, MV Tarago and MV Tamesis.

It is especially well-suited for project and other unique or heavy lift cargo such as power generators, construction and agriculture equipment, railcars, yachts and others. Besides these cargo types, she can also carry a significant amount of cars and trucks. 

Deck and Ramp System
Heavy units are loaded on the strengthened decks as shown in the table below:

Deck Area Strenght

  • Deck 1 2802 m2 10 tons/m2
  • Deck 2 3968 m2 3 tons/m2
  • Deck 3 4397 m2 3 tons/m2
  • Deck 4 5896 m2 4 tons/m2
  • Deck 5 5867 m2 3 tons/m2
  • Deck 7 6757 m2 1 tons/m2

The 4th deck is the normal entrance deck from the quay side. The loading ramp is located on the starboard side, and is arranged at a 38 degree angle to the center line of the vessel to enable loading/discharging of long vehicles. 

The deck machinery consistes of two combined anchor/mooring winches and six conventional mooring winches, two of the winches are placed on the forecastle and four on the poop deck. There is a crane on upper deck with a capacity of five tons for lifting supplies and spare parts.

Cargo ventilation
Fans evenly distributed throughout the vessel on upper deck creates good ventilation during loading/discharging. The lower holds are ventilated with 30 air changes per hr. The intermediate holds are ventilated with 25 air changes per hr. While the uppermost hold is ventilated with 20 air changes/hr.

The main engine is a MAN B&W 8L70MC (MK5) marine diesel with constant pressure supercharging and maximum output of 28480 BHP/20960 KW. The engine is directly reversible and attached to a fixed pitch propeller. No. of blades 4, diam 7.40 m. maker Hyundai Heavy Ind. Co. The main engine is operated with a remote control system from the bridge or engine control room of type Kongsberg Norcontrol.

For the electrical power supply there are 5, 4-stroke MAN B&W Holeby Diesels units, 2 each 1710 BHP, 3 each 2280 BHP. They are built by Ssang Young Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. There is one emergency diesel generator One type Ssanyong-Commins cap abt. 200 Kw at 1800 RPM.
The machinery plant meets the requiremetns for Unattended Machinery Space (UMS). 

Navigational equipment/Bridge
The bridge is totally enclosed and air-conditioned.


Technical Specifications

Capacity deck area: 46,350 
Capacity volume: 126,620 
Capacity car units:  
Engine: B&W 8L 70 MC (MK5) 28,480 BHP 
Basic complement: 22 
Built: Daewoo Heavy Industries, Ltd., South Koreak 
Build year: 2000 
Owner: Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning, Norway 
Flag: NIS 
Length over all: 240.6 
Beam: 32.26 
Air Draft: 46 
Depth to Upperdeck: 32.45 
Draft, design/max: 11.00/11.75 
Deadweight at maximum draft: 38,486 
Gross tonnage: 67,140 
Net tonnage: 24,275 
Stern ramp height: 12 
Stern ramp width:  
Stern ramp capacity: 320 
Number of decks: 8 (of which 4 are hoistable) 
Ownership %: 100% 
Operator: WWL