MV Morning Concert 

MV Morning Concert 

The PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier) MV Morning Concert is the first of two vessel built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea and she was delivered in April 2006. The vessel is specially suited for cars and trucks. but she has also flexibility to carry project cargo.

MV Morning Concert  has a total capacity of 6515 cars (RT43). MV Morning Concert has a basic complement of 27 and is a sistership to MV Morning Chorus.

The ship is built to the class of DNV (Det Norske Veritas) with the following designations DNV +1A1,  Car Carrier RO/RO (MCDK) E0 TMON 

Deck and Ramp System:
Heavy units are loaded on the strengthened deck 5, which can carry loads of 2 tons/m2. and deck 1 and 3, which can carry loads of 1 tons/m2    The other decks allow loads 0.5 tons/m2, 0,30 ton/m2, 0,20 ton/m2and 0.18 ton/m2. For increased cargo flexibility deck  4, and 6 with capacity of 0.20tons/m2 and deck 2 and 8 with a capacity of 0.18 tons/m2 are divided into liftable sections.

The vessel is fitted with two loading and discharging ramps with entrance on deck 5. The stern ramp is arranged with a 35-degree angle of incident from the centre line with a ramp width of 7,0 m. Maximum capacity is 150 tons The midship ramp is arranged with a 90-degree angle and a ramp width of 6,5 m. The maximum capacity is 35 tons. This arrangement with one stern quarter ramp on the aft starboard side and one midship ramp provides good flexibility for cargo operations.
The deck machinery consists of eight mooring winches, four which are placed forward at the forecastle deck and four are placed on the aft mooring deck. All winches are of type Rolls Royce.

There are 2 sets of anchor winches located forward, one at port side and one at starboard side, both Rolls Royce. The vessel is equipped with 1 crane type oriental located by the accommodation with capacity 5 tons used for spare parts -and provision handling.

Cargo ventilation:
Fans evenly distributed throughout the vessel create good ventilation during loading, discharging and voyage. Maximum air changes are 20 times an hour during cargo operation and 10 times an hour during voyage.

The propulsion machinery is a Hyundai B&W  7S60MC engine with an output of 14309 KW at 105  rpm. The main engine is attached to a fixed 4-blade propeller and fitted with remote control from the bridge and control room. For increased manuvering abilities there is one KT Nakashima thruster installed with an output of 1500 kW. The vessel is equipped with a highly effective double plated spade rudder.

For electrical power supply there are three  Man B&W  generators with a total output of 3500 kW. To ensure sufficient power in emergency situations one Nordhaven 150 kw emergency generator is installed.

The navigational system:

1. Furuno A  X-Band radar
2. Furuno S-Band Radar
3. Furuno;  ECDIS 900 ARCS
4. FurunoVHF   2 x STR 2462
5. Furuno ;Echo Sounder
6. Furuno GPS
7. Yokogawa Denshikiki Gyro compass/
8. Yokogawa Denshikiki Autopilot
9. Furuno GMDSS
All cabins are located on upper deck and the vessel is equipped with gym, and separate TV-room for officers and crew to provide for the possibility of relaxing activities. Pilot cabin, canal transit cabin and spare cabin is placed on the upper deck for easy access to the bridge. Bridge wings are open.

Security arrangements:
For fire extinguishing, the ship is fitted with both a permanent installed CO2 fire extinguishing system and a number of portable CO2 and foam fire extinguishers.

The vessel has 1Norsafe enclosed free fall life boat with a capacity of 34persons. In addition there are two life rafts with carrying capacity of 20 persons, two with 15person capacity each and one carrying 6 persons. 


Technical Specifications

Capacity deck area: 54,024 
Capacity volume:  
Capacity car units: 6,515 
Basic complement:  
Built: Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea 
Build year: 2006 
Owner: Wilhelmsen Lines Car Carriers, UK 
Flag: UK 
Length over all: 199.98 
Beam: 32.26 
Air Draft: 46 
Depth to Upperdeck: 32.64 
Draft, design/max: 10.00 
Deadweight at maximum draft: 20,600 
Gross tonnage: 57,415 
Net tonnage: 20,901 
Stern ramp height:  
Stern ramp width:
Stern ramp capacity: 150 
Number of decks: 12 (of which 4 are hoistable) 
Ownership %: 100% 
Operator: EUKOR