Techincal management on WW vessels is preformed by Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

The management agreements are based on standard BIMCO ship management contracts and normal terms and conditions in the industry. The contracts and not limited in time, but can be terminated after a predefined notice period or if the services provided not are in line with expectations related to, among other things, class and flag state issues and the general condition of the vessel. The remuneration is negotiated annually.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA’s ship management policy is to maintain the vessels based on a 25-35 year lifetime. Consequently, a thorough and dedicated preventive maintenance work is required. The crew on board the vessels owned or controlled by the Company consists mainly of Philippines, Indians and Scandinavians as well as cadets from UK,Phillipines, India, Norway and Malta. The ship management companies as described above have access to qualified and experienced officers and crew, and puts strong focus on additional training and follow-up courses to maintain and improve the qualification of the personnel.