Wilh. Wilhelmsen was established by Morten Wilhelm Wilhelmsen in 1861. With more than 150 years of  history behind the company, it has developed from a traditional shipping company to a maritime industry group.


Our vessel naming tradition

Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s first steamship was named Talabot. Purchased second hand in 1887 she recorded early profits that exceeded all expectations. The result and forecast were so good that nearly every subsequent vessel acquisition has been given a name beginning with the letter “T”.


Wilhelmsen IPO

On 15 March 2010, the board of directors of Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA resolved to propose a new company restructuring in which the shipping and the logistics activities would be carried forward in a separate entity and establishing a new parent company for the group.


Den Norske Amerikalinje AS demerger

In June 2016, Den Norske Amerikalinje AS (owning the 12% shareholding in Hyundai Glovis)  demerged from WWASA and carried forward in a separately listed entity named Treasure ASA.